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How to lose body fat fast by following 7 simple principles


Are you ready to do what it takes to become a healthier person and finally shed all of the excess fat that you may have been accumulating over the years due to a lack of exercise, improper nutrition, and other related factors?

Well, if you are new to fat loss or have had little success with getting rid of excessive body fat in the past, then you will need some practical guidelines or principles to help you to stay on right track so that you can more easily accomplish your goals and, hopefully, even exceed your expectations in due time.

If you are in fact looking for the kind of information that will guide you along your way to a healthier and leaner lifestyle, then you should keep on reading.

How to lose body fat fast by following 7 simple principles

Lose body fat fast principle 1: Try to avoid processed foods as much as possible

If you are serious about losing body fat in a lasting and sustainable manner, then there is no way around making some important changes to your daily diet. First of all, you will benefit a lot from removing processed foods completely from your diet or at least trying to reduce the amount of processed foods as much as you possibly can. This is because the methods employed to process foods will very often destroy vitamins and reduce the overall nutritional value of the foods, compared to their non processed counterparts.

Processed foods may also contain a lot of food additives, taste enhancers and/or food preservatives to make them tastier and extend their shelf life’s at the expense of their nutritional properties. Therefore, you should always try to pick fresh foods over processed foods when you have the choice. Nevertheless, entirely removing processed foods from your diet can be quite difficult at the beginning as you may already have gotten quite attached to them. Therefore, you should try to gradually replace processed foods with non-processed ones until processed foods make up only a very small part of your overall diet.

Lose body fat fast principle 2: Drink up sailor

Drinking enough water throughout the day is of crucial importance to help you burn body fat for a variety of reasons. For instance, if you have started exercising with the purpose of increasing your caloric expenditure to help you lose weight, the increase in physical activities will require you to consume more water or you may end up dehydrated. Furthermore, your metabolism requires an adequate supply of water to support any fat burning processes. Moreover, fat burning creates toxins, thus consuming enough water helps your body to flush out these toxins.

You may also have learned that consuming fiber can also help you lose weight and this is true, as, a diet rich in fiber stimulates your digestive system which in turn means that you automatically end up burning more calories to digest your food. However, if you do not increase your water consumption accordingly, increased levels of fiber in your diet can lead to constipation and other unwelcome side effects.

Finally, drinking enough water throughout the day and with any meal will help you to keep your appetite under control and keep you from overeating as the water will take up space in your stomach (do note that the effect will only last very shortly on an empty stomach).

Lose body fat fast principle 3: Have a cup of tea, or two or three

1-1251276999joXiAside from drinking more water, drinking tea is also a great idea. Particularly tea types such as Green Tea, Oolong Tea and, to a lesser degree, Black Tea are known for their metabolism boosting properties. All these teas originate from the same plant, namely, the Camellia Senesis plant, however, they differ in the way they are processed, and this difference affects their metabolism boosting properties.To elaborate, unlike oolong tea and black tea which go through a process of fermentation that harms the polyphenols responsible for boosting the metabolism, green tea is merely dried and then steamed which preserves these important polyphenols. Therefore, green tea has gained wide popularity for its fat burning boosting properties and is often used as an ingredient in fat loss supplements.

But drinking green tea is not only beneficial for fat loss, in Asian countries such as Japan, green Tea has long been  regarded as very healthy beverage, particularly for the high levels of antioxidants which can be found in it. So, do yourself a favor and start drinking tea if you aren’t already.

Lose body fat fast principle 4: Avoid empty calories from sources like candies, sodas or alcohol

Consuming empty calories is one of the worst things you can do if you are trying to burn fat. Empty calories are calories which come from food or beverage sources that provide none to very little nutritional value and, as such, are just a source of superfluous energy. When not expended, this energy will eventually be turned into fat and stored in our bodies. Examples include food items containing refined sugars such candies, sodas, white bread and pastries which provide the body mainly with energy in the form of fast absorbing carbohydrates. These can mess up your bodies sensitivity to insulin and cause illnesses such as type two diabetes when consumed in large quantities over extended periods of time.

Alcoholic beverages are also, to a large part, a source of empty calories. For instance, did you know that ethanol (drinking alcohol) comes just after fat in terms of its caloric value? That’s right, each gram of fat you consume contributes 9 calories to your diet, while proteins and carbohydrates contribute only 4kcal/g respectively. Though it should be noted that it is highly important to distinguish between different types of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. This is because the effects that they have on our bodies, as well as the way they are processed, differ substantially from type to type, but this would require a lot more elaboration. To get back to the topic at hand, drinking alcohol has a caloric value of 7kcal/g, which is almost double that of carbs and proteins. This shows how easily alcohol can increase your daily caloric intake, even if you do not consume large quantities of it. Recalling the fact that alcohol is a poison to our bodies is also a good reason to stay away from it when possible!

Lose body fat fast principle 5: Learn how to cook (in a healthy way)

Learning how to cook is definitely a highly important skill that you should acquire if you are truly serious about achieving lasting results in terms of weight loss, and also to help you to stay healthy in the long term. By learning how to cook you can, much more consciously, control what you are putting into your body, and thus ensure that you are including a higher proportion of fresh ingredients from sources such as fruits, vegetables lean meats and fish into your diet.


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Nevertheless, even if you already know how to cook you may still not really know how to cook in a healthy way or you may think that cooking healthy food may be too time consuming, and that the food will be tasteless or boring. This is absolutely not the case! You can learn how to cook several healthy and very tasty recipes if you are just willing to learn and to try out some new things.

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Lose body fat fast principle 6: Always have a healthy snack at hand

fruits-82524_640Even when you know how to cook in a healthy way, there are times when you really don’t have the time to prepare a complete meal or when you simply get a craving for something sweet. In this case you should avoid stacking unhealthy snacks in your home such as cookies or potato chips to keep you from getting tempted. Instead you should always have fresh fruit available. In fact, there are some particular fruit types which are known for their fat loss enhancing properties, partly thanks to the antioxidants they contain. These include berries such as blue berries and raspberries and also grapefruits. But any other fruit is always a better alternative to processed snacks because, unlike the latter, fruits always provide you with other nutritional benefits such as vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Lose body fat fast principle 7: Exercising for enhanced fat burning


You should be aware that the principles are not rank ordered by level of importance. In fact, needless to say, exercise is one of the most important elements when it comes to fat burning. Despite of this, a lot of people approach exercise in the wrong way and there are a lot of misconceptions which keep people from achieving really good results from their exercise, particularly when it comes to building muscle or burning fat.

When it comes to burning fat you want to focus on exercises that will elevate your metabolism for longer periods of time, as this will help you burn fat even when you are resting. Therefore, you should avoid exercises which consist of performing the same movement over an extended period of time at a moderate level of intensity such as running on a treadmill, running marathons or  riding the bicycle at the gym. Instead, you should focus on strength or resistance training that consists mainly of compound exercises (such as squats, push ups, dead lifts etc.). Or, if you really want to do cardiovascular training, then you should try out interval training instead of traditional cardio, as the former will have a bigger impact on your metabolism.

Closing words

There you have it. Follow these 7 simple principles and we guarantee you that you will be able to see notable results when it comes to shedding those excessive pounds of body fat.  However, if general principles are not enough for you and you prefer to have a clearly layout plan that you can follow by the letter. In other words, if you are looking for a blue print for fat loss, then we recommend you to check out our in depth review on “The Venus factor” by John Barban if you are a woman. If you are a man, then one of the best, most complete and honest programs that we can truly recommend to you is: “Burn the fat feed the muscle” by Tom Venuto (review coming soon).

Thank you for reading this article, we hope you enjoyed it and that you were able to take away some valuable information. In the end, it is really up to every one of us to make the determined decision to educate ourselves in terms of proper exercise and nutrition to allow us to forge healthy, strong and beautiful bodies. And there are great resources out there, such as the ones we just mentioned, to allow us to do just that. This leads us back to our opening question, namely, are you ready to do what it takes?

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